CoD League betting prediction, Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Minnesota RØkkr

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Minnesota RØkkr

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Minnesota RØKKR betting sites will be found on this page. This is the Last match of the opening day, and it will truly be an exciting one where we think that Minnesota will come out on the top as winners. Since no teams ever have played CoD League before, noone really knows how the teams will handle the pressure in Activisions first “real” eSports League.

Why Minnesota RØKKR will win is basically because they have an extremely professional organization behind them that hopefully will boost both their spirit and confidence. These 2 things will be needed in the opening day.

Both of the teams have great players and a strong fundation to build on, but in the end the thing that will matter the most now in the beginning is to get a momentum. That way the opposite team will feel the pressure and probably crumble before it.


Betting Predictions Angeles Guerrillas vs Minnesota RØkkr

Winner being Minnesota RØKKR. This will for sure be a game where both teams can win but this game we recommend going with Minnesota.


Rosters and players:

Los Angeles Guerrillas: ACHES, AquA, Decemate, Saints, Lacefield, Bevils, Ricky and Doug Liebe

Minnesota RØKKR: Assault, GodRx, SiLLY, Alexx, Asim, Exceed and TTinyy