CSGO Gameplay

CSGO Gameplay

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a first-person shooter video game. We can clearly say that CSGO is a fair game. There are certain levels but they don’t affect the gameplay whatsoever.

A total noob (noob= word used by the gaming community for beginners, or players without skills) can kill the professional player and win a duel against the pro.

This scenario would most likely never happen, the professional player will always come on top. But in theory, it’s possible. They both have the same amount of starting health and money. Players can use that money to buy certain equipment like kevlar, helmet, weapons, and grenades.

Your primary task is to kill your opponents and stay alive in the process. Although it sounds simple, CSGO is a very complex game.

The game itself isn’t just based on individual skills. In order to be a good player, you must have the right map knowledge, you must know how to grenades, how to position yourself, and so much more.


CSGO Game Modes

There are a total of 6 modes in the game currently. However, not all of these modes are popular. Certain modes are for casual players, and some of the modes are for the player that love to play just for fun. Of all the modes, competitive mode is the most popular and most of the CS:GO community is playing this mode.

Competitive Mode

This mode is the bread and butter for everyone who is seriously playing CSGO. There are levels to this mode, hence why we have different ranks that are transparent to players’ skill levels. When it comes to gameplay, competitive game is played mostly in the active duty map pool.


This includes seven maps:

  • Dust 2
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Vertigo
  • Overpass
  • Train

All of these maps are played in the bomb defusal mode. Furthermore, there are a total of 30 rounds played on each map (15 as Terrorists and 15 as Counter-Terrorists).

After one team wins 16 rounds, the match is over and the team with 16 rounds to their name won the match. In case the match ends up with a 15-15 scoreline, the game will end with a tie.

Casual Mode

This is basically a light version of a competitive mode. So if you’re not a competitor, you will definitely have fun playing casual CSGO mode.

Numbers are doubled in this mode and don’t be surprised if you are playing against 10 opponents. Furthermore, the biggest difference between casual and competitive mode is that the casual mode only has 16 rounds, compared to the 30 rounds that are played in competitive mode.



This is probably a worldwide known game mode. CSGO isn’t different when it comes to deathmatch. A lot of people will spawn and shoot each other to death.

You don’t have to buy anything in this mode as everything is free. However, CSGO uses points in their deathmatch, which means that player with the most points wins.


War Games

War Games is a series of different modes that have been introduced to the game with the Hydra Operation. Even though this was meant to be a limited mode, Valve decided to fully add it to the game.

There are three different game modes around War Games, and all of them are really fun to play. We’ll say a word or two about those modes.

Arms Race

Basically, each player spawns in with a random weapon. Once you killed 2 opponents (same or random) with that weapon, you will progress to another one.

After you killed enough players, you will have a final objective in front of you, to kill someone with a golden knife. This is the last kill you need, and once you were able to knife someone, the game ends.


The least played mode in War Games. This CSGO mode is a mixture of casual game mode and Arms Race. Players are split into two different teams, and there is a total of 20 rounds being played.

Flying Scoutsman

This is by far the most entertaining game mode in CSGO. There is barely any gravity in this mode, and the only thing you can play with is SSG 08, better known as the Scout.

You’re jumping in the air to fight other players. Overall, a great game mode to have fun on.


If you’re not a fan of a competitive mode where you team up with 4 players, then Wingman is definitely your sweet spot. You will only have one teammate, and the maps you are playing are smaller. There is also only one bombsite where you can plant the bomb on.

Given the fact that this is a 2v2 mode, it has a lot of players playing it. That is why Valve added ranks to Wingman, just to make it more competitive. You can either play Wingman for fun or play it competitively.


Danger Zone

The latest addition to the CSGO game modes. Given the fact that battle royale genres are so popular, Valve decided to create one themselves. Even though this isn’t a typical battle royale mode, it definitely has a lot of similarities.

There are also some differences like drones, money, and radar. You can order a certain weapon, ammo, radar upgrades or any other stuff that comes to your mind.

However, ordering weapons, utility and upgrades aren’t free hence why you’ll have to collect cash. Lastly, you can see if there are any enemies around you on your radar, and you can easily upgrade your radar in order to get an advantage over your enemies.



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