CSGO skins

CSGO Skins

CSGO skins have been added to the game in late 2013. To be more precise, “The Arms Deal” update brings the joy of playing one of the most popular games ever. everything related to CSGO betting, trading, gambling, and collecting.

There are several different grades of skins, 8 to be precise. Each of these grades represents the rarity of a certain skin. For instance, covert skins are much more popular and in most cases more expensive than other skins in the collection.

Each CSGO collection is based on a certain case. A couple of times throughout a year, Valve releases new cases, which contain new skins. Logically, each case contains different grades of skins.


This is the list of all different grades of CSGO skins(sorted by rarity):

  • Consumer Grade – GREY
  • Industrial Grade – LIGHT BLUE
  • Mil-Spec – DARK BLUE
  • Restricted – PURPLE
  • Classified – PINK
  • Covert – RED
  • Exceedingly Rare – GOLD



Each CSGO skin has its own exterior. There are barely any skins that have exactly the same “float”. You can find various sites on the internet that will check the float of your skin.

Basically, you can have more insight into your skins. Furthermore, you can also learn if you are a holder of something rare and unusual.


There are 5 different types of CSGO skins exterior:

  • Factory New (0 – 0.07)
  • Minimal Wear (07 – 0.15)
  • Field-Tested (15 – 0.38)
  • Well-Worn (38 – 0.45)
  • Battle-Scarred (45 – 1)

Exteriors are easy to learn. Factory New skins are the best looking ones, and usually, they are the most expensive. On the other hand, Battle-Scarred skins look like they have been through a lot, and in most scenarios, they are totally worn out.


Minimal wear is the closest thing to Factory New. In most scenarios, these skins look really good, and there are only minor details keeping them away from being Factory New.

Field-Tested skins are the most usual ones. They are in the middle of everything. These types of skins aren’t looking really bad, but they aren’t looking as good as Factory New CSGO skins.

Lastly, Well-Worn skins are looking really bad, and there is barely any difference once compared to Battle-Scarred ones.



Alongside exteriors, some skins will also have StatTrak™ attached. These types of CSGO skins will count your kills. A lot of people enjoy having these types of skins since they can get personally attached to it.

Usually, StatTrak™ skins are a bit more expensive once compared to the same exterior skin that does not have StatTrak™ feature included. Just to let you know that souvenir skins can’t and doesn’t have StatTrak™ feature.



You are probably wondering what are souvenir cases? Each Major has its own souvenir cases. Viewers that connected their steam accounts to twitch, or CSGO players that are watching Major tournaments can be rewarded with those cases. There are over 30 of those cases available.

However, each souvenir is related to the map you watched. For instance, if Liquid plays against Optic Gaming on Inferno, and you decided to watch the game, you can only be rewarded with the Inferno souvenir case. As we mentioned above, skins included in souvenir cases can’t have StatTrak™ feature.


They have golden stickers of two teams that played the game while you were watching. You will also be rewarded with the golden sticker of the round MVP.

At the moment, the most popular souvenir case is definitely the Cobblestone one. The only reason people open this case is that of the Dragon Lore. This is the most expensive and the most popular CSGO skin ever. Take note that one of the souvenir Dragon Lores was sold for over $40,000. Lastly, the Cobblestone souvenir case will cost you around $75.

How much cost the skins?

We talked about the most valuable gun skin in the game and now comes the part to speak about the value of knives and gloves. There is plenty of precious skins for a knife, and if you have decided to treat yourself with one nice knife in-game, you’re in big trouble. The cheapest knife on market is around 70$, while one of the most expensive on the official Steam marketplace is StatTrak Bayonet Lore with Minimal wear exterior with the price that exceeds 1500$. Gloves showed up in the game in November 2016 when Valve presents the Glove Case, and we must say that the combo with knife looks beautiful in-game. When it comes to price, you can find some gloves that come with the price of over 1700$.