News 03-01-2022

Magic The Gathering Betting

Magic The Gathering Betting This is definitely one of the most exciting topics and games, Magic The Gathering Betting and eSports. Magic is an old card game, from 1993. This game was huge in the 90´s and is even bigger now, thanks to Magic The Gathering eSports. Not all eSports Bookers cover MTG Betting yet, […]

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News 17-11-2020

Valorant Esports game

Watch out – the new tactical shooter from Riot games is here Shoot to kill. Time to get tactical with the new game release from Riot named Valorant. Valorant is a 5-versus-5 player shooter, where the task is to plant or defuse the spike in every round. Each round has 1 life in a best […]

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News 16-11-2020

Live Esports betting

Live Esports betting is in-play or real-time betting on live-streamed Esports events. You can make live Esports bets on Esports games such as DotA 2, CS: GO, and League of Legends. In this guide, you will learn everything about live Esports betting. From what it is to which Esports games you can bet on and […]

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News 25-03-2020

La Liga FIFA 20

La Liga FIFA 20 The current global lockdown situation has drawn more people toward streaming platforms and esports but La Liga was beating records left and right with their FIFA 20 charity tournament that gathered over 1 million viewers for just one weekend! Many streaming platforms were used including YouTube, Twitch, and LaLigaSportsTV. Nineteen players […]

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News 24-03-2020

CSGO Gameplay

CSGO Gameplay Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a first-person shooter video game. We can clearly say that CSGO is a fair game. There are certain levels but they don’t affect the gameplay whatsoever. A total noob (noob= word used by the gaming community for beginners, or players without skills) can kill the professional player and […]

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News 24-03-2020

Gaming and Gambling

Gaming and Gambling – The Growing World of eSports Playing video games was once frowned upon. Today, however, playing video games is making some avid gamers rich. It has given rise to a vast and fast-growing industry of eSports. Defining eSports The term ‘eSports’ refers to electronic sports, otherwise known as video games. However, a […]

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News 23-03-2020

CSGO skins

CSGO Skins CSGO skins have been added to the game in late 2013. To be more precise, “The Arms Deal” update brings the joy of playing one of the most popular games ever. everything related to CSGO betting, trading, gambling, and collecting. There are several different grades of skins, 8 to be precise. Each of […]

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News 09-12-2019

Warcraft 3 Reforged Betting

Warcraft 3 Reforged Betting You will be able to find Warcraft 3 Reforged Betting on most eSports betting sites. This game will be exactly like the old Wc3, but with better graphic and hopefully some cool features. Wc3 is already a pretty normal eSport to bet on, so Wc3 Reforged betting will probably be even […]

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News 04-12-2019

Hearthstone Battlegrounds eSports League

Hearthstone Battlegrounds eSports League Hearthstone Battleground eSports League, will that be Blizzard´s next big thing? HS Battlegrounds is Blizzards take on Riots TFT and DOTA´s Teamfight Tactics. The beta just started and so far it seems to have brought back a huge player base to Hearthstone, which is amazing! The last few years has been […]

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News 28-11-2019

League of Legends Betting

League of Legends Betting Sites LoL as an eSport and League of Legends Betting is huge in, and it will only get bigger every year. The great thing about this eSport and betting around it is that there are loads of tournaments and leagues during the whole year. You will find bets on Leagues such […]

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