Formula One eSports League

Formula One eSports League is according to us, the most exciting investment in the world of racing. If you are good enough at a racing game – you could end up in an official F1 eSports team, competing in the live Formula One Pro Series.

This is not only great news for the Racing World, it´s also amazing for the eSports Scene. This investment shows that eSports as a whole is to be reckoned with, whatever scene there is. So far sports like Football, Hockey, Basket etc has made it to the eSports Stage – But obviously it´s not stopping there at the traditional and biggest sports, now even eSports Racing is a real thing.


The F1 eSports Series is open for everyone with the latest F1 game, so you do not need to be in one of the best teams – you can compete with the best only by having the game and playing. Qualifying gamers then end up in a draft pool, where all the pro teams pick what players they wanna draft and have in their teams.




The official Formula One eSports series teams

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport eSports, Red Bull eSports Racing, Force India F1 Team eSports, Williams eSports, Renault Sport F1 Team eSports, Haas F1 Team eSports, McLaren eSports, Toro Rosso eSports and Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 eSports – and we are certain this pool of eSports teams in F1 will grow every year. In 5 years this will probably be a stable eSport where we can find strong, consistent and solid teams performing good every season.

But then again, this type of Racing makes it easier for everyone to become a pro, which makes this even more exciting and thrilling.


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