Hearthstone Battlegrounds eSports League

Hearthstone Battlegrounds eSports League

Hearthstone Battleground eSports League, will that be Blizzard´s next big thing? HS Battlegrounds is Blizzards take on Riots TFT and DOTA´s Teamfight Tactics. The beta just started and so far it seems to have brought back a huge player base to Hearthstone, which is amazing!

The last few years has been rough for Hearthstone as an eSport. It looks like HS BG and Hearthstone Battleground Betting might be the saving grace. For example, the views on for example Twitch.tv is now higher than just 1 month ago. Lets hope that Hearthstone Battlegrounds will make sure that Hearthstone survives as an eSport, since it´s an amazing game.

We do not yet know if Blizzard will make an eSports League for Battlegrounds, but if it brings in this much players just in the beta, why would they not? This take on Hearthstone is both exciting and fun to watch.

The negative side is probably that it feels a bit random and we´ve also seen people complaining about it being a slow game. Yes, it can feel slow – but so is Hearthstone and other games in the same genre, and that still works out fine as an eSport.

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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Betting

Will one be able to find Hearthstone Battlegrounds betting? Yes, as soon as there is more tournaments and leagues, the betting will follow. Since Hearthstone Betting is both viable and popular, we are thinking betting on Hearthstone Battlegrounds will be popular as well.

We´ve already seen Hearthstone Battlegrounds tournaments pop up, which shows that it will probably be even more tournaments and leagues when the game is on full release and not only in beta.

When it comes to betting on HS BG, it will probably be just like Hearthstone: A lot of underdogs and new players all the time, which makes it hard to bet on – but also very exciting.