League of Legends Betting USA

League of Legends Betting USA Sites

LoL as an eSport and League of Legends Betting is huge in USA, and it will only get bigger every year. The great thing about this eSport and betting around it is that there are loads of tournaments and leagues during the whole year.

You will find bets on Leagues such as NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL and LMS. You will be able to find the number one team for you, like the fan favourites Cloud 9, TSM, Fnatic and G2.

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eSports Betting USA

The Online League of Legends eSports Betting USA is growing every day, and it looks like that will continue. You can find bets on most big eSports even in US nowadays. A couple of years ago Betting online was not viable in North America, due to the fact that it was not legal. Now on the other hand, you can find new betting sites for USA pop up every now and then.

There are betting in USA for League of Legends, CoD League, Overwatch League betting, CS:GO and other huge eSports.


Is eSports Betting Legal in USA?

The laws for eSports betting USA is extremely complicated, We advice you to look up the laws in the state you live in, due to the fact that some states do not have the same laws for eSports betting and Sports betting.

But the most important thing for you to know is that there are some really good eSports Bookers that you can bet on and that provides you with both eSports and Sports betting.

FYI most states in USA are looking in to the laws and regulations regarding both eSports Betting and sports betting at the moment. This means that there will probably be even more States where eSports Betting will be legal in soon.


How to earn money on LoL Betting

Just like any sportsbetting, there are no easy way to earn money on eSports betting. We do not recommend anyone to ever bet more than you can afford to lose or to bet when you feel unfomfortable with it.

To be able to earn money on eSports betting you will need to make sure to know more or less everything there is to know about the teams you bet on. eSports betting is in some way really difficult, and in some ways exciting, due to the fact that most teams can win vs any other team. What we mean is that eSports Leagues are at the moment very open, even thouth there are teams that are favourites.

With that being said, we recommend going with underdogs that you really believe in, in that specific match up. The odds is normally very high for underdogs, so there is where you can make urself a cut. BUT remember that most underdogs normally lose, so be sure to have done your homework!