Magic The Gathering eSports Betting

Magic The Gathering Betting

This is definitely one of the most exciting topics and games, Magic The Gathering Betting and eSports. Magic is an old card game, from 1993. This game was huge in the 90´s and is even bigger now, thanks to Magic The Gathering eSports.

Not all eSports Bookers cover MTG Betting yet, but it really looks like that will change. With that being said, you can still find it on some of the Betting sites shown on this page.

Betting on Magic the Gathering is exciting, fun and to be honest, a bit hard. This game is hard to understand for the outsiders, so make sure to try the game or at least read up some on the players you like – before placing a bet.

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Magic The Gathering eSports

MTG as an eSport is amazing. It is just like the old card game, but with cool features like advanced animations when you play certain cards and so on. If you like the card game, you will most definitely like the eSport.

This eSport is not huge, but it is growing and it looks like the growth will continue. That means this is an eSport to be reckoned with. What also speaks for MTG is the oldschool viewers, this crowd is between 30-45 years old and do still follow this scene. This is probably the only eSport except Starcraft, that has an age average that high.

The game is for the outsiders a bit hard to learn, but as soon as you get the hang of it – you will most certainly love it. This is something that is mostly negative for the game, since the youngsters nowadays tend to prefer the easier games to understand, such as Fortnite and CS:GO.