TFT eSports League

Will there be a TFT eSports League? Will TFT make it as an eSport? How will TFT Rankings work? Will the RNG slow down the success for TFT as an eSport?

Riots TeamFight Tactics is still going extremely strong, there is no doubt about that. But the big questions now is the ones listed above.

TFT eSports League

We believe that TFT has the potential to make it as an eSport, big time. But the thing that are truly worring is the RNG. The RNG works to some extent, even to make things more exciting – but it can also remove some of the skill ceiling. The lower the skill ceiling, the harder it will be to have consitent pro players for TFT (professional players who get paid to play TFT). If new players or “bad” players can beat the pro´s – there will be impossible to find eSports teams who are willing to invest in that kind of eSport.

As it looks at the moment, TFT is a game of counters, with the RNG being a big game changer as well. Some RNG is always fun, but as for now – we believe the RNG is way to high. But yes, just like many – it´s always fun to watch a underdog beat the pro´s. But for gamers to be underdogs or pros, we believe that Riots TFT needs to cut down the RNG a bit.


How to become TFT pro? TFT Ranking release date?

TFT Rankings will hopefully launch this week, 17th of july. Atleast that is what it looks like – for now. We believe the ranking will be pretty random for starters, but in time the RNG will get lowered and become solid. As soon as the RNG is a bit lowered, it will become just like in the start of any eSport, to find a good team – make sure to get high on the “ladder / ranking”. As soon as you got good results on the ranking, make sure to get yourself out there! Play smaller tourneys, continue to crush the ladder – etc.

And in time, we sure hope Riot will release a TeamFight Tactics League, but there are no news about it so far. TFT eSports League would truly be amazing to watch!


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