TFT Pro Teams

Is there yet any TFT pro teams and TFT organizations? We give you the answer! 

Hopefully we will see a TFT Pro Team & eSports Team very soon. As we all know, TFT is growing insanely fast and it does not seem to stop yet. The growth means there will be a strong eSports scene for it, which will force eSports Teams and eSports organizations to recruit or form a TFT eSports team or a TFT eSports Organization.

So far we haven´t seen or heard of any big eSports teams announcing a TFT eSports team. As soon as TeamFight Tactics eSports teams join up the scene, it will bloom and grow even more.

And just like in any other eSport – If one join in, loads of other teams will join as well. In a couple of months we are pretty sure we will see teams like Team Liquid, EG, OG, Fnatic, Newbee, Virtus.Pro, Invictus Gaming, Cloud9, Astralis, Team EnVyUs and many others.

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Will there be a eSports scene for the Pro teams? 

We are certain there will be, but it might take some time for the game to settle down and slowly building towards becoming a strong eSport. As it feels now, it is mostly a fun game mode to play around with from time to time – more than a solid eSport with great coverage. But again, all eSports gotta start somewhere.

A year from now there will probably be loads of TFT professional teams, TeamFight Tactics Pros and loads of TFT eSports viewers – that also means it will be large prize pools for TFT tournaments, TeamFight Tactics Leagues and other fun coverage that the TFT fans would love. What eSports and TFT fan would not wanna watch a TFT eSports league?