TFT Tournaments & Leagues

Is there yet any TFT tournaments and TFT Leagues? We give you the answer!

So far, there have more or less only been one or two “legit” tournaments. Twitch Rival hosted the first decent TFT Tournament, with focus on celebrating the new and insanely popular League of Legends TFT. This TeamFight Tactics tournament had a prize pool of $125,000, which 64 players will battle for. Twitch Rival TFT was hosted over the course of two days. Josh “JoshOG” Beaver the last man standing & the winner of the tournament.

This TFT Tournament had players like Amaz TFT, TidesOfTime TFT, Scarra TFT, Reckful TFT, Trick2G TFT, TheOddOne TFT, Hafu TFT and many more eSports celebs – who firstly was famous for mainly playing League of Legends, the original. Lets hope that they continue to give TFT some focus, cause this tournament was truly a blast to watch.

Will there be more TFT Tournaments?

We are certain that there will be loads of tournaments for TeamFight Tactics, especially now when the RNG is a bit lowered and it seems like Riot really listened to the viewers and players in this case. The fans seems to be happy with the new changes, and these changes will also help TFT as an eSport.

Since the viewership of the game is really solid, there will probably soon be some kind of announcement about Teamfight Tactics eSports League, The TFT eSports League.

The main thing that gives TFT an edge as an eSport is the same reason to why League of Legends is so huge as an eSport, the game is very easy to understand, easy to watch and it fits all ages. These three things can make more or less any game, a strong eSport – with a solid viewer count.

In the end of 2019, we are certain there will be a pretty high ammount of tournaments, and also some kind of announcement of how Riot will make this the next big eSport.